The Little Known Benefits Of Incidental Exercise

How much physical activity are you doing each week? As a nation we are not doing so well… In fact, most of us do not come anywhere near the expected activity levels for health… highlighted in this 2016 epidemiological study of the total physical activity and strength exercise behaviour of 9345 Australians. The study concluded that… “The large majority of Australian adults do not meet the full physical activity guidelines and/or reported excessive sedentary behaviours.” Only 18.6% met the strength training guidelines… This begs the question…“are we becoming less active and chronically underloaded as a nation?” What should you do … Continue reading

11 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Shoulder Pain

Watch this 3-minute video and rediscover your amazing powers of resilience in the face of shoulder pain… #1. Pain is an alarm which is meant to protect you. Alarms want you to do something! #2. Pain is poorly related to tissue damage. It’s okay to have a few ‘grey hairs’ on the inside as well… Most rotator cuff tears could be considered normal ageing. Imaging cannot tell us where the pain is coming from… #3. Pain is more about ‘sensitivity’ than damage. Pain is often a poor guide to what’s wrong, where and how bad is it? When shoulder pain … Continue reading

Feeling Confused, Frustrated or Ignored?

Unfortunately, you’re not alone. A prospective patient phoned the Shoulder Guy office one day to ask about our shoulder physiotherapy service because she was distraught about her treatment options regarding her painful shoulder. You see she had been left to fend for herself after consulting physiotherapists and an orthopaedic surgeon with no resolution of her healthcare concerns. She was so frustrated that in a last ditched effort to find a solution or at least someone that would listen to her, she searched Google looking for in her words “a shoulder specialist for a second opinion”. “Thankfully” she said, “I came … Continue reading