Gym Visits


You Can’t Go Wrong By Making It Strong!

But how?

Are you frustrated by your lack of gainz because you’ve got some serious shoulder pain going on?

Are you struggling to build muscle especially your chest and just can’t quite figure out why?

Dude, you not alone.

Sometimes the physio clinic environment just doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to get real and get back in the gym were it all started, so that you can learn from your mistakes and get back to strength and muscle gainz.

If the gym is your thing then assessing you and your shoulder in that environment is way more powerful and instructive. You see, in the gym you’ve got no place to hide. You’ll be laid bare and your shoulder will be exposed for all to see.

Make no mistake you will be exposed.

This is NOT for the faint hearted. You’ll have to check your ego at the door and be prepared to cop it sweet. Listen, learn, feel and then implement. Only by revealing your weaknesses will you be able to claw your way back to greatness.

So don’t pick up the phone or even think about making a booking until you’re ready to be honest with yourself, because…

  • If you’ve got a mobility issue, I’ll see it.
  • If you’ve got poor chassis control, I’ll see it.
  • If you’ve got shoulder weakness, I’ll find it.
  • If you’re not using the kinetic link principle, I’ll see it.
  • If you brace back and down, I’ll see it.
  • If you’re dumping energy, like water through a sieve, I’ll see it.
  • If you’re a one trick exercise pony, I’ll see it.
  • If you suck in any way, I’ll see it.


So What Exactly Do I Get As Part Of My Gym Visit?

  • You’ll Get to Spend Up To 1 1/2 hours Talking Shop With Me.
  • You’ll Get A Comprehensive Gym Specific Shoulder Assessment.
  • I’ll Review Your Current Program & Suggest Any Necessary Changes.
  • Video Analysis of Your Basic Movement Patterns & Areas to Improve.
  • I’ll Give You 5 Reasons Why You’re Getting Shoulder Pain During Loaded Movements.
  • I’ll Reveal The Biggest Mistakes That Negatively Impact Your Shoulder Strength.
  • You’ll Discover Which Corrective Exercises Give The Best Bang For Your Buck.

You’re going to love it. Why? Because you and I live and breath this stuff. It’s what makes us tick and just knowing that you’ve some things to work on to become a bigger and better person is empowering, it’s actually exciting.

This really could be the kickstart that you’ve been searching for?

Okay Then, So How Do We Do This?

Well it’s as simple as deciding whether this is right for you. Once you’ve made up your mind, simply give my reception team at The Better Life Centre a call on 3353 5430 or click here to make a booking request online.

I’ll then be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a time and gym (ideally yours) to meet you.

Easy as…

NB: Payment of $199 needs to be made upfront to secure your session.

Have a think about it, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just imagine what they’ll say when they see you 90 days from now?

All the best.


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