8 Killer Questions To Ask Your Shoulder Surgeon

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  In just 2 minutes you’ll discover the “8 Killer Questions You Must Ask Your Shoulder Surgeon BEFORE You Go Under The Knife”. The first thing you need to decide, is whether you actually do need surgery… Because research suggests that physiotherapy is just as effective. At a fraction of the cost… With less risk… In about the same time. Shoulder research also suggests that “surgically observed cuff integrity was not strongly correlated with the shoulder’s comfort or function”. While surgeons seek to improve the integrity of the rotator cuff through repair… “factors other than cuff integrity” seem to influence … Continue reading

The Little Known Benefits Of Incidental Exercise

    How much physical activity are you doing each week?   As a nation we are not doing so well… In fact, most of us do not come anywhere near the expected activity levels for health… highlighted in this 2016 epidemiological study of the total physical activity and strength exercise behaviour of 9345 Australians. The study concluded that… “The large majority of Australian adults do not meet the full physical activity guidelines and/or reported excessive sedentary behaviours.” Only 18.6% met the strength training guidelines… This begs the question…“are we becoming less active and chronically underloaded as a nation?” What … Continue reading

11 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Shoulder Pain

Watch this 3 minute video and rediscover your amazing powers of resilience in the face of shoulder pain…     #1. Pain is an alarm which is meant to protect you. Alarms want you to do something! #2. Pain is poorly related to tissue damage. It’s okay to have a few ‘grey hairs’ on the inside as well… Most rotator cuff tears could be considered normal ageing. Imaging cannot tell us where the pain is coming from… #3. Pain is more about ‘sensitivity’ than damage. Pain is often a poor guide to what’s wrong, where and how bad is it? … Continue reading

Are You Letting Your Shoulder Niggle Become A Nightmare?

It amazes me how long most patient’s report that they have been putting up with their shoulder pain while at the same time resting, avoiding usual activities, becoming less confident in their capacity and increasingly fearful about what arm use and movement might mean for them. I commonly hear from concerned patients that – “I’m afraid of doing further damage.” Yet most painful and weak shoulders, are just that. De-conditioned, neglected, weak…but still expected to perform at a high level, overhead, in the gym and at work. Increasingly, I find a growing gap between the activity demands being placed upon … Continue reading

Do You Make These Mistakes In The Gym?

I have a saying…”Movement IS Medicine!” But movement is not always intuitive. Yes, we are built to move but “Moving Well” is not always the outcome of more movement. Every year, Exercise & Sports Science Australia promote an “Exercise Right” public awareness campaign to promote both “The Benefits of Exercise” and Accredited Exercise Physiologists as the go to professionals for exercise prescription and delivery. Research suggests that exercise should be the cornerstone of both preventative and therapeutic health interventions. What If Everything You’d Been Told About Exercise Was Wrong? The only problem I have with the promotion of where exercise … Continue reading