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Relieving Your Pain And Building Your Shoulder Strong!

That’s it…pure and simple.

shoulder massage

At Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy we focus on getting to the root cause of your problem and quite often it’s not all about your shoulder. The body works and fails as a unit – so results come faster when we take a wider and more holistic and comprehensive approach.

The truth be told we don’t just treat shoulders – we really focus on you and strive to help make you a better person through education and an improved confidence in your strength and abilities. You might not even be aware of the changes happening within you as you transform into a better version of yourself.

Your shoulder transformation will be based around three key components:

  • Your Movement Capability
  • Your Positional Awareness
  • Your Movement Capacity


Put another way, we focus on the fundamentals of:

  • Moving You Well
  • Moving You More
  • Building Your Strength

So if you’re looking to not only fix your shoulder problem but build it strong to prevent further injury or improve your athletic performance then

Call Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy – Toowoomba Clinic Now on 07 4599 7639 or

Book your appointment online.

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