Gym Fit Shoulders

Don’t Wait Until You’re Completely Broken!


A shoulder injury really sucks when you’re committed to self and strength improvement. It leaves you deflated, frustrated and searching for answers. How do I know?

Because I have had a number of gym related shoulder injuries over the years and I know what it feels like…You’re Absolutely Gutted!

Every minute you’re not training gives your buddy an opportunity to get ahead.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you that you could come back better than ever?

What if I told you that based on the significant number of shoulder injuries that I see that are related to cross fit WODs, gym workouts and personal training mishaps, I have developed a systems based approach to solving gym related shoulder pain.

Would you be interested?

Here’s how a Gym Fit Shoulders Assessment could massively help you:

  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Build Strength & Muscle
  • Overhaul your faulty movement habits
  • Fix poor mechanics that rob you of power and make you leak energy like a sieve
  • Prevent and rehabilitate common injuries
  • Maximise your safety in the gym
  • Keep your shoulders for life

You may have started a gym program, cross fit WOD or personal training with the goal of hopefully achieving a STRONGER and SEXIER you, all to no avail?

What if you could DOUBLE your strength, health, fitness and vitality just by doing a few simple things RIGHT?



The fact is the incidence of shoulder injuries among resistance trainers is GREATER than among the general population. Just think about what a shoulder injury could do to your dreams and goals this year?

Do not leave it to chance.

Everybody should know this stuff BEFORE they embark on any fitness or resistance training program in the gym.

But I bet you probably don’t…cause I bet nobody has shown you how?

Movement is NOT intuitive.

Especially when you throw in the added challenge of load, speed, leverage, untrained body tissues, faulty mechanics, stress and fatigue.

What are you going to do then?

In my opinion, learning and implementing some of the strength secrets you’ll discover during your Gym Fit Shoulders session with me, will give you a reliable and reproducible BLUEPRINT for strong, powerful, efficient and safe movement in the gym or any environment for that matter.

Book Your Gym Fit Shoulders Assessment Now – just $220.

(Average Initial Specific Consultation Rate Across Brisbane – $250)

To Get Stronger – Book Now!

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