The Shoulder Guy Gives “OutBack” A Crack?

My wife and I had thought about it before but never really had the chance to make it happen.

The timing and opportunity just never seemed to fit quite right.

So we waited…

And then we plain forgot about it and moved on with our lives.

But it just so happens another opportunity presented itself again at the end of last year (2022).

A chance at something Big, New and Different.

So we gave it a crack… well at least my wife did.

Nervous, yet quietly confident, my wife sat an interview for an Executive Director role.

And sometimes when you least expect it, life happens.

My wife got offered the job…

In Toowoomba, the Garden City.

After a few hours contemplation, both our minds were made up.

Despite the obvious challenges ahead, it was an offer and opportunity both she and we as a family could not refuse.

So here we are in Rangeville, Toowoomba and loving it.

And here I am…

By hook or by crook at a crossroads in my career.

Should I stay or should I go?

What’s the next step for me and Shoulder Guy?

It’s a tough decision and I am still conflicted…

But I have finally decided to pack things up and head west.

I will finish here at my Newmarket clinic on the 30th of March 2023.

I may be back at some stage… who knows?

But for now it is goodbye and goodluck.

It has been my pleasure to have served you.

With gratitude and thanks.


The Shoulder Guy.

PS: Toowoomba Shoulder Clinic Opens May 2023.

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