Is Shoulder Physio Delivered Via Telehealth Just As Good As Face to Face?

Is Online Shoulder Physio Effective?

Patient Outcomes Are Just As Good…

There is a growing body of research evidence suggesting online physiotherapy produces patient outcomes that are just as good as face-to-face physiotherapy consultations.

Are you kidding me?

No, not at all…

As a patient, there is still so much benefit to be gained from an online shoulder consultation.

It’s not all about hands-on, you know?

In fact, you’d be shocked if you really knew how inaccurate physiotherapists are when performing face-to-face, hands-on shoulder examinations.

To discover more, read this article I posted recently to OnlineShoulder.Physio

So, Exactly How Do I Get Better?

Well, just like regular face-to-face shoulder physiotherapy, following your online shoulder physiotherapy consultation, I will make my best guess why your shoulder hurts, what you need to do about it and how long will this likely take.

We will then discuss your many options.

Treatment is likely to involve expert advice, education to empower you, activity modifications, movement and exercise.

I can deliver all of this via email, video, personal exercise program booklets and follow up online consultations.

It’s the same, but a little different…

It could also be the way we deliver shoulder physiotherapy health care from now on.

To learn more, go here >>

If you are brave enough, you can book online here

Or give the practice a call on 3856 3607 and ask to book an online shoulder physio consult with Luke The Shoulder Guy.

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