If you’re secretly wondering, “how is Luke any different and how will I benefit from time spent with him?”… this short video will give you 2 powerful reasons.

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Luke Van Every aka The Shoulder Guy has developed a well deserved reputation as a trusted authority on solving shoulder pain problems, that rob you of your strength, agility and confidence.

Luke’s No B.S. realistic approach will feel like a breath of fresh air after you’ve consulted Dr Google and been on a wild goose chase trying to get an answer to “why does my shoulder hurt?”.

Luke has an incredible passion for and knowledge of how the human body works in relationship with the shoulder. He is an expert on shoulder function and a passion for using strength training principles and techniques that will help to build your shoulder strong.

Luke takes an integrated comprehensive approach to movement dysfunction by assessing global movement patterns to identify the true nature and cause of your shoulder pain and/or lack of performance. Luke’s proven skills, experience and expertise enables him to foster in his clients a real sense of trust, reassurance, optimism, empowerment and a success mentality fast.

shoulder physiotherapy with Luke Van Every

Luke is a locally trained University of Queensland Graduate Masters physiotherapist who has studied the shoulder extensively incorporating both domestic and international experience and education. He also has degrees in Applied Science (Human Movement) and Business Management.

Luke is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Shoulder and Elbow Physiotherapy Association of Australasia and one of the first associate members of the Queensland Shoulder Society.

He has worked closely with Brisbane’s leading upper limb orthopaedic surgeons over the last decade and is regarded as an expert in the area of shoulder (sports) physiotherapy and post operative shoulder rehabilitation.

In Luke’s own words:

Let’s face it, it’s no secret that the average physiotherapist hates shoulders…they are complex and notorious for bamboozling even the most seasoned professional. But complex doesn’t have to mean complicated and I strive to make the shoulder complex simple for my patients so that they better understand what’s going wrong and how best they can fix it.

Successful shoulder rehabilitation doesn’t happen by accident.

You gotta know what you are doing… Luke does.

So finally let me ask these questions of you:

  1. Are you happy with your shoulder function and strength?
  2. Have you felt that you could have achieved more in a physiotherapy session?
  3. Do you feel that sometimes you are disconnected or isolated?
  4. Have you ever been pushed way to hard and your gut feeling was “that was too much”?
  5. Right now, do you have a shoulder injury but aren’t sure what to do about it or who to see to get help?

If you have answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then Luke can help.

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