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Luke loves to educate others.


It’s only been more recently that Luke has started to share his insider shoulder rehab secrets with other health professionals. Late last year Luke was invited by the Queensland branch of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) to present at a New Graduate physiotherapist education evening. It left the attendees wanting more, so much so that Luke presented a follow up 1 Day shoulder physiotherapy course to a small select group of interested physios.

Luke was concerned at first that he would lose his competitive advantage revealing these closely guarded and hard earned secrets to solving shoulder pain. But in fact the opposite has happened. Other physiotherapists now seek him out to help provide one on one supervision of their more challenging patients, all helping to grow Luke’s reputation as The Shoulder Guy.

This year Luke finds himself again talking about shoulders to a bunch of eager APA New Graduate Physiotherapists.


In this months Physiotherapy InMotion magazine, Luke speaks to Australian Physiotherapy Association members about shoulder physiotherapy, the biggest mistakes most young physiotherapists make, how to avoid these mistakes and his top 5 tips to keep in mind when analysing a painful shoulder.

The InMotion article entitled “It’s Not All About The Shoulder” moves young physiotherapists away from the traditional “medical” model towards a broader perspective of the shoulder’s interdependence on the rest of the body to function at it’s highest level. Luke also encourages the use of the basic sciences like anatomy with the growing body of biological evidence for pain neuroscience.

To have Luke speak at your event please contact The Shoulder Guy Office.

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