The Little Known Benefits Of Incidental Exercise

How much physical activity are you doing each week? As a nation we are not doing so well… In fact, most of us do not come anywhere near the expected activity levels for health… highlighted in this 2016 epidemiological study of the total physical activity and strength exercise behaviour of 9345 Australians. The study concluded that… “The large majority of Australian adults do not meet the full physical activity guidelines and/or reported excessive sedentary behaviours.” Only 18.6% met the strength training guidelines… This begs the question…“are we becoming less active and chronically underloaded as a nation?” What should you do … Continue reading

Do You Make These Mistakes In The Gym?

I have a saying…”Movement IS Medicine!”But movement is not always intuitive. Yes, we are built to move but “Moving Well” is not always the outcome of more movement. Every year, Exercise & Sports Science Australia promote an “Exercise Right” public awareness campaign to promote both “The Benefits of Exercise” and Accredited Exercise Physiologists as the go to professionals for exercise prescription and delivery. Research suggests that exercise should be the cornerstone of both preventative and therapeutic health interventions. What If Everything You’ve Ever Been Told About Exercise & Strength Training Was Wrong?The only problem I have with the promotion of … Continue reading

Shoulder Pain Changes The Way You Think, Act and Move

Got Shoulder Pain? get The Shoulder Guy!

Shoulder Pain Does Indeed Change Everything.   Remember how you first felt when you realised that something was wrong with your shoulder…when it really hurt? If it was anything like my personal experience you may have ignored it at first, trying to naturally down play it. But when pain persisted you may of become quite concerned and even felt vulnerable. “How could this have happened to me?” In time, your frustration of a lack of progress builds and the thought of a life with persistent shoulder pain begins to consume your every thought. By now your physical disability and shoulder … Continue reading

Is Your Physio Unwittingly Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse?

If I was you I’d forget about watching this video because the statistics aren’t in your favour. Just pick up the phone or book online now to get started on solving your shoulder pain problem. Because as you’ll see, if you decide to watch the video, getting a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment plan is essential to your success. In this video you’ll find: 00:15 — Population data on shoulder pain 00:35 — Shoulder pain gets the bronze medal 01:00 — The most common shoulder diagnoses in general practice 01:35 — The stats aren’t good…you’re in for the long … Continue reading

Get Shoulder Physiotherapy Online at Super Fast Shoulders

At last Luke Van Every aka The Shoulder Guy has released his long awaited fast start guide to achieving shoulder pain relief. Super Fast Shoulders solves the problem of having shoulder pain and feeling isolated, powerless and fearful of a shoulder niggle turning into a shoulder nightmare. Inside Super Fast Shoulders you get Luke’s insightful and often simple yet powerful strategies that help to get rid of shoulder pain fast. The program is based on Luke’s real world success with everyday clients just like you. The best part being that The Shoulder Guy comes to you. Super Fast Shoulders is … Continue reading