Are You Letting Your Shoulder Niggle Become A Nightmare?

It amazes me how long most patient’s report that they have been putting up with their shoulder pain while at the same time resting, avoiding usual activities, becoming less confident in their capacity and increasingly fearful about what arm use and movement might mean for them. I commonly hear from concerned patients that – “I’m afraid of doing further damage.” Yet most painful and weak shoulders, are just that. De-conditioned, neglected, weak…but still expected to perform at a high level, overhead, in the gym and at work. Increasingly, I find a growing gap between the activity demands being placed upon … Continue reading

Do You Make These Mistakes In The Gym?

I have a saying…”Movement IS Medicine!”But movement is not always intuitive. Yes, we are built to move but “Moving Well” is not always the outcome of more movement. Every year, Exercise & Sports Science Australia promote an “Exercise Right” public awareness campaign to promote both “The Benefits of Exercise” and Accredited Exercise Physiologists as the go to professionals for exercise prescription and delivery. Research suggests that exercise should be the cornerstone of both preventative and therapeutic health interventions. What If Everything You’ve Ever Been Told About Exercise & Strength Training Was Wrong?The only problem I have with the promotion of … Continue reading

Considering An Alternative to Subacromial Decompression Surgery?

You’d think that if you had been recommended shoulder surgery for subacromial ‘impingement’ pain that it would prove to be of superior benefit over and above all other treatment options. Makes sense, right? I mean, you’d think so wouldn’t you? But does it? Does surgery provide superior outcomes to specific shoulder physiotherapy for subacromial ‘impingement’ pain? Well, let’s see what the evidence that is freely available suggests… You’ll have to excuse my lack of Australian patient data but to illustrate my point I am using data from the NHS in the England. In the 2001, there were 2523 subacromial decompressions … Continue reading

Are Your New Years Resolutions A Waste of Time?

I think so…at least for me anyway, I can never seem to keep them. So each year I don’t put any pressure on myself by setting goals. Cause they don’t work for me. I focus on “Themes” (instead of gaols) and a daily practise of ideas and mindfulness. My general ‘themes’ each year revolve around: Health First Make it Fun Positive Family & Friends Business Breakthrough Choose Yourself Save Time This is how I want to spend my precious time and these themes are my sounding board to guide and re-correct me along the way. So #1 is Health first, … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Shoulder Guy!

Here they are: More than 9679 documented shoulder treatments since 2005. I Practice What I Preach So YOU BENEFIT From My Mistakes You’ll Get 13 Years Shoulder Physio EXPERIENCE At Your Disposal You’ll Talk And I’ll Listen You’ll Get A CLEAR Understanding Of Your SPECIFIC Problem You’ll Get A UNIQUE NO B.S. Perspective On YOUR Shoulder And Overall HEALTH You’ll Get IMMEDIATE RESULTS From Day 1 You’ll Get ACCESS To My UNIQUE REHAB SYSTEM – “Shoulder Rehab Secrets” You’ll Save Time & Money (Some Tell Me They’ve Wasted Thousands of Dollars Elsewhere). If I Cannot FIX It Or Tell You … Continue reading