11 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Shoulder Pain

Watch this 3-minute video and rediscover your amazing powers of resilience in the face of shoulder pain…

#1. Pain is an alarm which is meant to protect you.

Alarms want you to do something!

#2. Pain is poorly related to tissue damage.

It’s okay to have a few ‘grey hairs’ on the inside as well…

Most rotator cuff tears could be considered normal ageing.

Imaging cannot tell us where the pain is coming from…

#3. Pain is more about ‘sensitivity’ than damage.

Pain is often a poor guide to what’s wrong, where and how bad is it?

When shoulder pain persists past normal healing times the link between tissue damage and pain becomes very weak.

#4. Pain is multi-dimensional.

Many factors can fill up your cup of sensitivity:

  • Tissue Injury
  • A History of Pain
  • Physical Impairments
  • Physical Habits
  • Beliefs
  • Emotional stressors
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Socioeconomic factors
  • Loss of meaningful activity
  • A Lack of love & support…

#5. Protection can be over ‘amplified’ and persist past healing.

Despite tissue healing we get better at producing pain.

Pain coupled with limiting beliefs, stress and anxiety can amplify your pain.

Your pain now is less likely to be about tissue damage and more about increased sensitivity.

#6. Pain is ‘normal’ but it can be weird.

Pain moves and often changes.

You might not feel like yourself anymore.

It seems weird but that is completely normal for pain.

#7. You are ‘strong’ and adaptable.

However, you need to find the right stimulus.

You can change.

You are stronger than you think.

#8. You can ‘respond’ positively to stress (especially exercise).

Stress causes you to adapt.

It’s not all bad.

You have an amazing ability to adapt at anytime throughout your life.

#9. Altered ‘function’ is poorly related to shoulder pain.

Weakness, differences in anatomy, posture and strength play a much smaller role in shoulder pain than most think.

#10. You don’t need ‘fixing’.

You’re not damaged goods.

No movements should be off limits forever.

Doing the things you find meaningful in your life can help recovery even before your pain is “fixed”.

#11. You can unlock the ‘drug cabinet’ in your brain.

You have an amazing power to unlock pain inhibiting chemicals deep inside your brain.

You can freely access this little known area of your brain through a better understanding of pain science, fearless movement and general exercise.

If You Know Pain… You’ll Know Gain!

You can be sore and safe.

Pain does not always equal damage.

Movement IS Medicine!

Go out and get some…

You Can Treat Your Shoulder Pain!

You Can Start Today! Call The Shoulder Guy

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