Is Your Physio Unwittingly Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse?

If I was you I’d forget about watching this video because the statistics aren’t in your favour. Just pick up the phone or book online now to get started on solving your shoulder pain problem. Because as you’ll see, if you decide to watch the video, getting a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment plan is essential to your success.

In this video you’ll find:

00:15 — Population data on shoulder pain
00:35 — Shoulder pain gets the bronze medal
01:00 — The most common shoulder diagnoses in general practice
01:35 — The stats aren’t good…you’re in for the long haul
02:10 — Only 50% will resolve their shoulder pain within 6 months
02:35 — Accurate diagnosis and treatment are essential
03:00 — Shoulder pain predominates in older age
03:30 — We have to do better

The Latest Research Tells A Sad Story

Shoulder pain is the third most common disorder for which patients seek primary care treatment. Shoulder pain accounts for 1-2% of all GP visits annually with the most common diagnosis, up to 30% in one study being rotator cuff tendonitis.

To put that in perspective, Medicare statistics show there were 128 704 593 visits to GPs in Australia last year (2013) so 2% approximates to 2.5 million visits annually for shoulder pain.


The alarming thing that you need to note here is that there’s a high morbidity rate. At least 50% of people still experience symptoms at 12 months (see study) and some still up to three years after onset.


Shoulder Pain Is A Significant Health Problem

You can see from the above statistics that as a health service community we’re not doing well in terms of solving shoulder pain in the community. There are still many thousands out there in the community suffering shoulder pain well after their initial episode. That’s why I think my shoulder physiotherapy skills and experience are extremely valuable to someone like you – don’t let that niggle become a nightmare.

Research also suggests that shoulder pain takes some time to get better with approximately half of those studied resolving their issue within 6 months. The more troubling statistic in this study was 40% were still disabled by shoulder pain both at work and in their leisure activities at 12 months.

From your point of view, it’s important to realise that your shoulder problem has a high chance of becoming chronic. From my point of view I relate it back to, are we getting the diagnosis and of course the treatment right?

Get Specific No B.S. Shoulder Physio That Works!


Ageing Related Shoulder Pain

The fact is that if you’re 65 years and over, the predominant musculoskeletal problem you’ll be facing is going to be shoulder pain. Ageing changes the biology, healing capacity, and biomechanical function of tendons. This makes the rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder susceptible to injury and tearing.

Tendons require loading to remain healthy but not too much or too little it seems.

Age related changes to the intrinsic nature of tendons could potentially be explained by a lack of this physiological loading as your natural activity levels, relative to your age start to drop off. If you’ve had a long life of overhead use, sport and general physical activity and then couple that with a long period of de-loading as you get older, then this could potentially have a negative effect on your shoulders capacity for loading?

shoulder pain success

How To Get The Best Outcome For Yourself?

Shoulder pain may end up being a significant cost to your health. But it doesn’t have too.

The biggest issue you face is getting front of the right person and making sure that you know:

  • What kind of shoulder problem you’re dealing with?
  • Whether you need surgery or physiotherapy to fix it best?
  • What’s the best way to go about fixing your shoulder problem with physiotherapy?
  • How to actually build your shoulder’s capacity and how long it will most likely take?
  • What some of the pitfalls along the way might be and how to avoid them?

I urge you to get the right advice, get educated so that you can answer the above questions and also understand the why, how and what behind your shoulder rehabilitation program.

That’s what I deliver to my patients and it reflects in their positive attitudes and outcomes.

Don’t procrastinate any longer…

Get Specific No B.S. Shoulder Physio That Works!

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