What Causes Shoulder Pain In The Gym?

Gym related shoulder pain during push ups and bench pressing is a common complaint amongst lifters of all ages and experience levels.

Watch the video to discover how you can build yourself some gym fit shoulders.

Over the years, I have treated hundreds of men and women of all ages complaining of shoulder pain originating from a workout gone wrong or a sudden increase in training load.

Now ‘load’ per se does not explain all shoulder pain because we know pain exists at all levels of the human experience… from the sarcomere to your mental state.

In saying that, the World Health Organisation recommends building a more robust and resilient you through exposure to strength training 2 x per week.

But how best to do it?

What things should you include or avoid?

Why does getting strong sometimes go wrong?

Here’s some likely contributing factors to consider:

  • Your program is too one-dimensional…
  • You don’t know how to use your ground, bench or bar.
  • Your chassis (the big bit) control sucks
  • You absorb energy instead of transferring it
  • You brace your shoulders when you lift
  • Your rotator cuff is weak or not doing its job properly

Got Pain Right Now?

It might be time to assess where you are at and make a better, more scientific plan to build your shoulders strong.

CALL NOW to get started.

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