Does Your Shoulder Snap, Crackle or Pop?

does your shoulder snap crackle or pop

Your shoulder is a highly mobile, technical and complex yet efficient machine.

Most of us are blissfully unaware of this, thank god.

I’m guessing then that the only reason you’d be reading this post is because you’re concerned
that something is now wrong with yours?

A shoulder dislocation that tears the soft tissue labrum or fractures the bony glenoid socket as a result, is a common reason for recurrent shoulder pain.

Have you heard or felt your shoulder painfully snap, crackle and pop out of place?

You May Have An Uncontrolled Shoulder Joint?


This picture demonstrates a shoulder that is out of place due to increased laxity or hyper-mobility of the shoulder joint.

Now laxity or hyper-mobility in and of itself is fine if it can be controlled during normal movement.

When it cannot then painful shoulder problems arise…we call this uncontrolled or unwanted movement instability (for want of a better term).

There is good evidence of the relationship between generalised hyper-mobility syndrome (GHS) and shoulder pain.

But uncontrolled movement of the shoulder and feelings that your shoulder may pop out are also common signs in those with symptomatic painful shoulder instability.

So if your shoulder is winging, singing, cracking and popping in and out of joint then you need to get a comprehensive shoulder assessment before it’s too late.

If you recognise that you may have shoulder instability then you need to take me seriously when I say that you need to get your shoulder assessed asap.


It’s what the future holds for you that you are trying to change. Early osteoarthritis is often seen in those with recurrent shoulder instability.

Although shoulders can be replaced in those under the age of 55, there are risks associated with it and most surgeons I know would be very reluctant to proceed.

Your best bet is to avoid it in the first place.

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