Spring Into Summer Safely – Get Your Shoulder Health Check Today

Disorders of the shoulder are extremely common.

Some research suggests up to 50% of the population experience at least one shoulder pain episode annually.

What’s more concerning is the fact that shoulder dysfunction is often persistent and recurrent, with 54% of sufferers reporting ongoing symptoms after 3 years (Lewis, 2009)

From my experience the peak season for shoulder injuries is NOW, spring soon becomes summer and we’re all out there literally busting our guts to get fit, to look sexy or at least somewhat desirable and to feel good about ourselves once more after the short winter hiatus.

The sad truth is that the BIGGEST PREDICTOR of a shoulder injury is having had a previous one.


After an initial shoulder injury the chances of sustaining another shoulder injury at some stage in the future is relatively high.

In some cases, recurrence rates are up to 90%.


Now it’s human nature to leave things until the last minute. But sometimes then it’s just too late.

Your season’s over before you started…as that niggle becomes a nightmare.

Not you though, you smarter than that.

You’re the proactive type.

You’re keen to get a head start on the competition.

But you’ll need a plan.


Spring into this summer shoulder pain free…

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