It’s Not All About Your Shoulder

Shoulder dysfunction spares neither young nor old, and the problem shoulder presents in a multitude of circumstances ranging from the result of a rugby tackle to an arthritic or frozen shoulder. While research guided manual therapy techniques and specific exercises are invaluable resources for the physiotherapist, nothing offers more guidance for a treatment approach than an understanding of functional movement, in my opinion. For example, a golf swing is not purely a movement of the shoulder. The swing is created and starts from the transmission of ground reaction forces through the lower limb, pelvis and trunk, through the scapula and … Continue reading

Potential Contributors to Gym Based Shoulder Pain

Gym related shoulder pain during benching or overhead pressing is common amongst lifters of all ages and experience levels. In this episode: 00:15 – How to avoid Shoulder pain when doing strength training 01:15 – Why most strength programs don’t provide whole body balance 02:55 – Why some people struggle with strength training programs 03:24 – Discover Luke’s Iceberg Theory of Shoulder Pain 04:07 – How the lower kinetic chain influences shoulder function 05:25 – Learn how dominant muscle patterns influence shoulder stability 06:16 – How your lifting technique can impact your shoulder joint 07:00 – How your dominant training … Continue reading