How to Survive Shoulder Surgery

how to survive shoulder surgery

So you’ve decided to go under the knife…

Getting the best out of your shoulder surgery doesn’t happen by accident.

Whether you’ve undergone a subacromial decompression, rotator cuff repair or arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation, there are many factors which come together to increase your potential for a great post surgical result.


Some of the most important factors are:

  • The quality of your tissue – poor quality tissue may lead to repair failure
  • The size of the tear – larger tear size may lead to repair failure
  • Your biological health status or ability to heal (e.g. smoking negatively affects your tissues ability to heal)
  • Your ability to protect your surgical repair whilst gently promoting movement
  • Your understanding of what your specific repair needs in terms of rehabilitation
  • Your physiotherapists understanding of what rehabilitation strategy is required, when and how to apply it
  • Open communication between you, your surgeon and physiotherapist


At Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy we have treated hundreds if not thousands of post operative shoulders and have had the pleasure of seeing our clients break through to having a shoulder they can trust once again. We work closely with some of Brisbane’s leading shoulder surgeons so that you can be assured that we know what we are taking about.

This team approach is a great reassurance to many of our clients as it keeps them at the center of the conversation and their post operative care plan.

Being a service that is solely focused on shoulder rehabilitation has allowed us to be at the forefront of post operative shoulder physiotherapy in Brisbane and we would like to think a service you can trust.


Rest assured that we’ll give you what you need so you get the result you want.


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