Are You Getting Enough?

Sleep…I Mean.

Shoulder pain can often cause you to have a disrupted and uncomfortable nights sleep, leading to fatigue, stress and anxiety about what is going on.

In my experience, night time shoulder pain is common among those with bursitis and rotator cuff tendinopathy. There also seems to be some relationship between night pain and the overall severity of symptoms. It is often reported by my patients as an unrelenting night time ache, making lying on the affected side impossible without sleep disturbance.


Would You Like To Get More?

In this ABC interview you can listen to Dr Roger Allan a Thoracic and Sleep Physician from the Wesley Medical Centre talk about how to get a better night sleep; Kate Browne from Choice Magazine discussing what type of beds and pillows that are best for bed; Marcus Dripps, National President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association discussing the best sleeping position for your body and Thea O’Connor from suggesting that we all should have an afternoon sleep at work to improve our work productivity.

Listen How to Get a Better Nights Sleep in This ABC Interview.

Watch Karl On The Today Show Find Out Which Bed is Best?

How We Get You A Better Nights Sleep

The initial aim of shoulder physiotherapy is always pain relief.

However, it always amazes me the different ways that shoulder pain relief can be obtained. I always start with education.

Just gaining a better understanding of what is going on with your shoulder and potentially how to fix it can significantly reduce your pain without the laying on of hands.

It’s a simple, powerful and proven approach to pain management.

At Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy we make sure that you know your problem better than most other physiotherapists. We’ll educate you using the most up to date research and clinical pearls so that you feel empowered and in control of what you are doing and more importantly why you’re doing it.

Get better educated and sleep more peacefully today.

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