10 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Shoulder Guy!


Here they are:

  1. More than 9679 documented shoulder treatments since 2005.
  2. I Practice What I Preach So YOU BENEFIT From My Mistakes
  3. You’ll Get 13 Years Shoulder Physio EXPERIENCE At Your Disposal
  4. You’ll Talk And I’ll Listen
  5. You’ll Get A CLEAR Understanding Of Your SPECIFIC Problem
  6. You’ll Get A UNIQUE NO B.S. Perspective On YOUR Shoulder And Overall HEALTH
  7. You’ll Get IMMEDIATE RESULTS From Day 1
  8. You’ll Get ACCESS To My UNIQUE REHAB SYSTEM – “Shoulder Rehab Secrets”
  9. You’ll Save Time & Money (Some Tell Me They’ve Wasted Thousands of Dollars Elsewhere).
  10. If I Cannot FIX It Or Tell You Who Can Then You Won’t Pay A Cent

Invest In Your Health Today


Choosing a health professional that you feel comfortable enough with to share your story can be a tough decision. I mean you never know who you might get?

Better to trust someone proven to be a trusted authority on shoulders…

Whilst you are ideally looking for results i.e. less pain and better function. Finding a health professional that you can get along with and ultimately trust is of bigger benefit to most.

Striking a balance between professionalism, expertise, patient/therapist rapport and trust is the holy grail of getting good health outcomes.

We’ve got to like and trust each other.

Funny thing is, whilst you’re there assessing whether you think I am both trustworthy and able to help you. I am really hoping for the exactly the same outcome.

I too want patients that are great people, are keen to learn and don’t mind working (hard) with me to help solve their shoulder problems.

It definitely is a team approach, a collaboration. I’ll teach you and you will teach me and together we will get you to where it is you want to go.

But ultimately it is up to you.

I’d know who I’d be choosing…

Of course I am biased and think I offer a superior service compared to all the other alternatives out there so I encourage you to strongly consider working with me to help solve your shoulder problem because…

  • I am passionate about getting you results FAST!
  • I love working with motivated health conscious people.
  • I think you’re someone who wants the best for yourself and others.
  • I love having fun and building mutually beneficial professional relationships build on trust and respect.

If you truly want to learn more about yourself and your amazingly resilient mind and body then, choose me.

Build Your Shoulder Strong Starting Today

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