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Why Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy?

When you think of shoulder injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, advice, education and expert shoulder physiotherapy – think “The Shoulder Guys” at Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy!

At Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy we give our clients “an experience” like no other. You won’t even realise but through our unique approach, you’ll start to feel more confidence and more personal power. This all comes about through an in-depth understanding of what you actually want.

You see we actually give you the things you need to get better. Not just the physical know how but the mental strength to go to the next level and get things back on track in your life. We’ve call this empowering process…increasing your “Physical IQ”!

This translates into fast shoulder pain relief, an enhanced knowledge of how your shoulder and body interact, how to maximise it and a return to normal activity feeling strong and confident of your success.

To Solve Your Shoulder Pain Problem…

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