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You’re About To Make One Of The Most Important Health Decisions Of Your Life!


Hi, it’s Luke here…(The booking form’s below if you just want to skip this part).

I’ll bet you didn’t know that I was a mind reader?

But I am…

You see, I know that you are just about to make an important health decision that could potentially affect the rest of your life…

A critical decision about whether or not you think I am the right person to help you.

I also know the ‘inner mind’ games that are playing out even as you read this…

  • “Who is this guy, is he a phoney?”
  • “I’ll leave it another week or so and see what happens.”
  • “He’s a bit expensive.”
  • “Why is this guy better than my local physio?”
  • “I’ve wasted thousands already, I don’t want to get duped again.”

These are all legitimate concerns…

Listen, if you’ve come this far then you’re giving this some serious consideration.

Yes, I am somewhat expensive but so is taking action on the wrong advice.

Truth is, I could easily charge double what I do, simply by the size of the smile on my patients’ faces after their first consult with me.

Just ask my reception team, they’re an unbiased lot, they’ll tell you…

More importantly than any dollar you’ll spend is the fact that I can be trusted.

Indeed, you can trust me to take care of you, like many thousand of patients across Brisbane and indeed the world, who have benefited from my expert advice and transformative shoulder rehab programs.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that I’m also somewhat of an internet sensation as an authority on shoulders?

But enough of that, you’re just about to make a booking…

So My Promise To You is that when you book you can rest assured that you will get personalised No B.S. advice, scientific evidence based education, proven exercise strategies and a realistic plan to help you solve your shoulder pain problem in the fastest timeframe possible.

That’s it. That’s my promise to you.

What’s more…I deliver.

Now choose yourself and invest in your health today…

Call 3353 5430 to Book Now!

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**WARNING** If you feel that your shoulder condition requires urgent medical attention then please do not use this online booking service.

**Call your local doctor or nearest emergency department immediately**

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