Staying Well To Move Well

The Shoulder Guy Clinic is an essential service and remains OPEN!

Check Your Latest COVID-19 Contract Tracing Alert

Hi, I just wanted to reassure you I and the other health professionals and staff at the practice are taking COVID-19 and your health seriously.

Staying well personally and continuing to treat well patients is my priority.

If you are at all concerned about your fitness to attend an appointment, because you are unwell, please reschedule your appointment and consider booking an online shoulder physiotherapy video consultation.

If you have returned from overseas, recently attended a large gathering or you are a health care worker and you feel unwell, then please reschedule your appointment.

I will be for the foreseeable future isolating myself from large gatherings and doing all I can to stay well, including a focus on my hand hygiene.

I encourage you to do the same…

Here is a link to the latest Queensland COVID-19 Public Health Alert.

Hand hygiene at Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy is just part of our normal infection control best practise.

When you arrive at the clinic, I or one of our staff will guide you to our hand-hygiene station to wash your hands thoroughly.

You will notice I will be “bare below the elbows” during your treatment as it improves the effectiveness of hand hygiene when: skin is intact, nails are natural, short and unvarnished; hands and forearms are free of jewellery, and sleeves are above the elbow (ref).

being 'bare below the elbows' significantly reduces the spread of infection.

There are 5 key moments where hand hygiene is most important and you will see me and other health practice staff performing these practices to help reduce the possibility of infection.

I am very confident if we all work together to keep the highest standards of hand hygiene we can significantly reduce the risk of infection and get on with the job of helping you solve your shoulder pain problem fast.

PS: If it so happens you need to self-isolate, or you do not wish to attend the clinic, then please ask me about how you can access my Shoulder Guy telehealth consultations and online Shoulder Rehab Secrets portal.

Kind Regards,


(The ‘disease-free’ Shoulder Guy)

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