Potential Contributors to Gym Based Shoulder Pain

Gym related shoulder pain during benching or overhead pressing is common amongst lifters of all ages and experience levels.

In this episode:

00:15 – How to avoid Shoulder pain when doing strength training
01:15 – Why most strength programs don’t provide whole body balance
02:55 – Why some people struggle with strength training programs
03:24 – Discover Luke’s Iceberg Theory of Shoulder Pain
04:07 – How the lower kinetic chain influences shoulder function
05:25 – Learn how dominant muscle patterns influence shoulder stability
06:16 – How your lifting technique can impact your shoulder joint
07:00 – How your dominant training method influences neuromuscular patterning about the shoulder
07:35 – The negative effects of muscle inhibition and dominant muscle patterning
09:15 – Pelvic, scapula and rotator cuff muscle activation has to be in your program

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