It’s Not All About Your Shoulder

Shoulder dysfunction spares neither young nor old, and the problem shoulder presents in a multitude of circumstances ranging from the result of a rugby tackle to an arthritic or frozen shoulder. While research guided manual therapy techniques and specific exercises are invaluable resources for the physiotherapist, nothing offers more guidance for a treatment approach than an understanding of functional movement, in my opinion. For example, a golf swing is not purely a movement of the shoulder. The swing is created and starts from the transmission of ground reaction forces through the lower limb, pelvis and trunk, through the scapula and … Continue reading

Is Your Physio Unwittingly Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse?

If I was you I’d forget about watching this video because the statistics aren’t in your favour. Just pick up the phone or book online now to get started on solving your shoulder pain problem. Because as you’ll see, if you decide to watch the video, getting a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment plan is essential to your success. In this video you’ll find: 00:15 — Population data on shoulder pain 00:35 — Shoulder pain gets the bronze medal 01:00 — The most common shoulder diagnoses in general practice 01:35 — The stats aren’t good…you’re in for the long … Continue reading

What Causes Shoulder Pain In The Gym?

Gym related shoulder pain during push ups and bench pressing is a common complaint amongst lifters of all ages and experience levels. Watch the video to discover how you can build yourself some gym fit shoulders. Over the years, I have treated hundreds of men and women of all ages complaining of shoulder pain originating from a workout gone wrong or a sudden increase in training load. Now ‘load’ per se does not explain all shoulder pain because we know pain exists at all levels of the human experience… from the sarcomere to your mental state. In saying that, the … Continue reading

Get Shoulder Physiotherapy Online at Super Fast Shoulders

At last Luke Van Every aka The Shoulder Guy has released his long awaited fast start guide to achieving shoulder pain relief. Super Fast Shoulders solves the problem of having shoulder pain and feeling isolated, powerless and fearful of a shoulder niggle turning into a shoulder nightmare. Inside Super Fast Shoulders you get Luke’s insightful and often simple yet powerful strategies that help to get rid of shoulder pain fast. The program is based on Luke’s real world success with everyday clients just like you. The best part being that The Shoulder Guy comes to you. Super Fast Shoulders is … Continue reading

Rotator Cuff Tears Do Not Heal

Warning: Rotator Cuff Tears Do Not Heal! Rotator cuff pathology is potentially the most common cause of shoulder pain. It is estimated that approximately 65% of shoulder consults conducted by orthopaedic surgeons and nearly 33% of all orthopaedic injuries are related to the rotator cuff. Research studies have demonstrated that significant rotator cuff disease increases with age. In fact 100%, that means everybody, over the age of 70 years will have some form of rotator cuff disease. Studies show that the prevalence of rotator cuff tears greatly increases over the age of 50, reporting that more than 50% over the age … Continue reading