Injured Workers Who Actively Participate in Rehabilitation & Return to Work Early Do Better

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that can pay your wages and medical costs should you sustain a shoulder injury due to your employment. WorkCover Queensland is the exclusive provider of accident insurance for work-related injuries in Queensland, with the exception of self-insurers. WorkCover Queensland endeavours to work with you, your employer and medical providers like us to help you recover from the injury and return to work. If you have been injured at work or because of work, you should: Consult your local doctor and get a workers’ compensation medical certificate Tell your employer about your injury and … Continue reading

Improve Your Moves with The Shoulder Guy

It’s not every day that the Australian Physiotherapy Association puts out a marketing video to promote the profession and the life changing benefits that physiotherapy can offer. This is a great little piece which highlights the fact that without movement life is just not possible and there are so many opportunities to improve your move, participate in some useful activity and share the enjoyment of movement with others, including our pets. Enjoy this… Improve Your Move >> Book A Consult Today

Feeling Confused, Frustrated or Ignored?

Unfortunately, you’re not alone. A prospective patient phoned the Shoulder Guy office one day to ask about our shoulder physiotherapy service because she was distraught about her treatment options regarding her painful shoulder. You see she had been left to fend for herself after consulting physiotherapists and an orthopaedic surgeon with no resolution of her healthcare concerns. She was so frustrated that in a last ditched effort to find a solution or at least someone that would listen to her, she searched Google looking for in her words “a shoulder specialist for a second opinion”. “Thankfully” she said, “I came … Continue reading

Miners Seek Shoulder Injury Treatment in the Big Smoke

Shoulder injuries amongst Queensland miners seems to be on the increase or at least it seems that way with an increase in work related shoulder injury referrals to Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy from miners across the state and even as far as PNG. Whether it be working with or near underground mining equipment, stepping off a long haul dump truck or securing a drilling rig in readiness to frack a coal seam; working in the mining industry can be and often is dangerous and (significant shoulder) injuries do happen. Thankfully, the majority of shoulder injuries we have seen directly related to … Continue reading

How to Survive Shoulder Surgery

how to survive shoulder surgery

So you’ve decided to go under the knife… Getting the best out of your shoulder surgery doesn’t happen by accident. Whether you’ve undergone a subacromial decompression, rotator cuff repair or arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation, there are many factors which come together to increase your potential for a great post surgical result.   Some of the most important factors are: The quality of your tissue – poor quality tissue may lead to repair failure The size of the tear – larger tear size may lead to repair failure Your biological health status or ability to heal (e.g. smoking negatively affects your tissues … Continue reading