Considering An Alternative to Subacromial Decompression Surgery?


You’d think that if you had been recommended shoulder surgery for subacromial ‘impingement’ pain that it would prove to be of superior benefit over and above all other treatment options. Makes sense, right? I mean, you’d think so wouldn’t you? But does it?   Does surgery provide superior outcomes to specific shoulder physiotherapy for subacromial ‘impingement’ pain?   Well, let’s see what the evidence that is freely available suggests… You’ll have to excuse my lack of Australian patient data but to illustrate my point I am using data from the NHS in the England. In the 2001, there were 2523 … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Yourself & Me!


Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Yourself & Me… More than 7735 documented shoulder treatments since 2008; I know shoulders. I Practice What I Preach So YOU BENEFIT From My Mistakes You’ll Get 12 Years Shoulder Physio EXPERIENCE At Your Disposal You’ll Talk And I’ll Listen You’ll Get A CLEAR Understanding Of Your SPECIFIC Problem You’ll Also Get A UNIQUE NO B.S. Perspective On YOUR Shoulder And Overall HEALTH You’ll Get IMMEDIATE RESULTS From Day 1 You’ll Get ACCESS To My UNIQUE REHAB SYSTEM – “Shoulder Rehab Secrets” You’ll Save Time & Money (Some Tell Me They’ve Spent Thousand … Continue reading

Does Your Shoulder Snap, Crackle or Pop?

does your shoulder snap crackle or pop

Your shoulder is a highly mobile, technical and complex yet efficient machine. Most of us are blissfully unaware of this, thank god. I’m guessing then that the only reason you’d be reading this post is because you’re concerned that something is now wrong with yours? A shoulder dislocation that tears the soft tissue labrum or fractures the bony glenoid socket as a result, is a common reason for recurrent shoulder pain. Have you heard or felt your shoulder painfully snap, crackle and pop out of place? You May Have An Uncontrolled Shoulder Joint? This picture demonstrates a shoulder that is … Continue reading

How to Treat Bursitis in The Shoulder?


Subacromial (shoulder) bursitis is a common reason for shoulder pain and often associated with other shoulder pathology e.g. rotator cuff tendinopathy, subacromial impingement and shoulder instability. Put simply, bursitis is inflammation of a bursa. There are approximately 8-12 bursa in and around the shoulder with the subacromial, sub-deltoid, subcoracoid and subscapular bursae being the most commonly irritated and referred to in the literature. The normal function of the bursae is to act like the oil in the engine of your car; lubricating and protecting moving parts. Usually we are blissfully unaware of their existence (the oil and the bursa) until … Continue reading

It’s Not All About Your Shoulder


Shoulder dysfunction spares neither young nor old, and the problem shoulder presents in a multitude of circumstances ranging from the result of a rugby tackle to an arthritic or frozen shoulder. While research guided manual therapy techniques and specific exercises are invaluable resources for the physiotherapist, nothing offers more guidance for a treatment approach than an understanding of functional movement, in my opinion. For example, a golf swing is not purely a movement of the shoulder. The swing is created and starts from the transmission of ground reaction forces through the lower limb, pelvis and trunk, through the scapula and … Continue reading

Normal Physiotherapy Doesn’t Seem To Work


If I was you I’d forget about watching this video because the statistics aren’t in your favour. Just pick up the phone or book online now to get started on solving your shoulder pain problem. Because as you’ll see, if you decide to watch the video, getting a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment plan is essential to your success. In this video you’ll find: 00:15 — Population data on shoulder pain 00:35 — Shoulder pain gets the bronze medal 01:00 — The most common shoulder diagnoses in general practice 01:35 — The stats aren’t good…you’re in for the long … Continue reading

Are Your New Years Resolutions A Waste of Time?


I think so…at least for me anyway, I can never seem to keep them. So this year I am not going to put any pressure on myself by setting goals. Cause they don’t work for me. This year I am into “Themes” (instead of gaols) and a daily practise of ideas and mindfulness. My Themes For 2016 are: Health First Make it Fun Positive Family & Friends Business Breakthrough Choose Yourself Save Time This is how I want to spend my precious time this year and these themes will be my sounding posts to guide me along the way. So … Continue reading

Craig’s Shoulder Story – A Focus On Tradies National Health Month


A large majority of your time is spent at work. It just so happens that some workplaces are more dangerous or have the potential for increased risk of injury. Every year Tradies National Health Month in August recognises the fact that “tradies” like you often work hard and heavy most days but do very little for themselves in terms of maintaining their health or reducing their risk of potential injury. The shoulder is particularly susceptible to workplace injury and quite often these injuries are significant and result in lasting disability. Think about your situation for just a moment… Are You … Continue reading